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Wholesale store of household chemicals, features of business

Household chemicals in the modern world is an integral part of it. A wholesale store of household chemicals – a profitable activity. There are many factors that make this area attractive.The presence of a large number of small and medium retailers who are ready to buy household chemicals in bulk.
The rapid growth in the number of clearing companies that need to constantly purchase cleaning and detergents in large quantities.
It does not require the implementation of various standards SanPinNadzor (which can not be said about the food industry).
What should be the assortment of a wholesale store of household chemicals? Domestic or foreign products to choose? To begin with, one should pay attention to domestic products, firstly, its quality begins to delight more and more each year, secondly, it is much cheaper than foreign products, thirdly, it is less than the cost of shipping products. In the future, when the store is gaining momentum, you can think about cooperation with foreign companies.

For the wholesale store of household chemicals will need a large enough room for warehouses. It is desirable that the base is as close as possible to the consumer, at least within the city. This will increase your competitive advantage, because it will be more convenient for the buyer to reach you.

What is the price of the product? From the initial cost of the goods and the cost of its transportation. And if the transportation costs are minimal, then you can provide the consumer with goods at a low price, thereby again increasing your competitive advantage. To do this, it is best to deliver the goods to your wholesale store directly from the manufacturer. Almost every region there are manufacturers of household chemicals. Moreover, you will not need the services of intermediaries when purchasing goods, and this is not a small cost item. Thus, you will be able to provide products to the buyer on favorable terms, although not many wholesalers can boast of this. If your prices are lower than others, then the demand will not keep you waiting, the buyer will become your regular customer.

In order for demand to constantly grow, you should not be limited only to your locality, but also to work for a geographically distant consumer. How to attract him? Favorable for him the terms of delivery. Products must be delivered to the customer’s home and the delivery should be as cheap as possible.

To promote your store and for convenient work with distant customers you need to create an online store. Sale of household chemicals and cosmetics is a very successful solution. There are many advantages here: this is a virtual full display of goods, round-the-clock work, an information guide for the client. Here you can place all contact phone numbers, addresses and price lists. The buyer will always be able to get acquainted with your product at a convenient time for him.

Step-by-step plan to open a wholesale store of household chemicals
Knowledge of the nuances of opening this business will save time on the deployment of an outlet. It is necessary to make a consistent choice:

places where the store will be located;
trade format (self-service, sales over the counter, mixed system);
store equipment
pricing policy
advertising campaigns.
How much can you earn
Wholesale points and household chemical shops pay off on average for two years. Having invested an amount of 1-1.5 million rubles at the initial stage, one and a half or two years later, you can reach a profitability level of 25%.

How much money is needed to start a business
Investments in a business largely depend on where the wholesale store will be located. The best option is to open it in the already finished room in a shopping center, where you only need to pay for rent (the average is 50,000 rubles for 30-50 square meters). Otherwise, you will have to pay at least 500 thousand rubles for the construction of a new retail space. The purchase of the range will cost an entrepreneur 500 thousand rubles. Total will have to invest about a million rubles or more.

How to choose equipment for the wholesale store of household chemicals
The main equipment necessary for the wholesale store of household chemicals, make up the shelves, cabinets, counters, cash register, as well as software that should facilitate the work on the accounting of goods.

What OKVED to specify when registering a business

To open a business for the sale of household chemicals, use OKVED codes 46.44 (“Trade in cleaning products”), 46.45 (“Trade in perfume and cosmetic goods”), 46.75 (“Trade in chemical products”).

What documents are needed to open a wholesale store of household chemicals
Under the law, trade in household chemical goods does not require licensing. However, the activities of the outlet should be coordinated with the sanitary and epidemiological station and fire services.

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