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Business on services of handymen

The essence of the company’s business can be represented as follows: Customers – they need the services of movers and handymen
Workers – need basic work or part time at a convenient time for them.
The company “Personal Solution” – recruits employees, forms organized teams and leases them to customers. In other words – reduces clients (customers) and employees (performers).
How much can you earn on the services of handymen
Profit comes from each hour of work of employees. For example, your team of movers works in a warehouse. The shift is from 8 to 12 hours, 22 days in the month. The service of one loader for a client costs 190 rubles, of which 100 rubles. goes to pay, 40 rubles. on overhead and other expenses, the remaining 50 rubles. – your net profit. Thus, from one loader you earn 13,200 rubles. per month. If you employ at least 15 workers, then the potential income will be 198,000 rubles. per month! By purchasing a franchise, you get a ready business package, as well as legal and marketing tools that will give answers to all questions:

Attraction and design of relationships with customers and employees.
Construction and further development of business.
Minimization of the share of fixed costs.
Effective employee search schemes.
Proven practice 7 years of work methods of dominance in the market for such services.
And many many others.
In addition, you become a full user of the portal “Personal Solution”, in the development of which more than 1,000,000 rubles were invested. You start a business under the wing of an experienced partner who will always support and help.

How much money is needed to open a business for the services of handymen. Consider an example of a franchise
How much does a franchise cost?
The cost of the franchise is calculated for each city individually, and depends on:

Population of the city
Economic attractiveness and development
Other factors
On average, a franchise costs a businessman 150,000 rubles. The payback period of the business at the request of the copyright holder of the brand is approximately 4 months. It also provides recommendations on the minimum population of the city in which it is planned to open such a case. The workforce rental business will operate in cities with a population of 50,000 or more. In many ways, success depends on the following factors:

Number of large city-forming enterprises and factories
The activity of the construction market, the number of objects under construction
Proximity to major cities and metropolitan areas
Availability of warehouse complexes, shopping centers and chain stores.
Step-by-step plan to start a business on the services of handymen
In order to open a business on the services of handymen, an entrepreneur must have certain organizational skills, be able to communicate with people and generally have leadership qualities and know the direction of activity. The business plan of this enterprise is quite simple and consists of the following points:

Analysis of market conditions and competition in a particular region.
Formation of the concept of the company and the estimated pricing policy.
Office rent (however, in the early stages, an office may not be needed at all).
Registration of the organization.
Recruitment and employment contracts.
Conduct advertising and business promotion in all available ways.
How to choose equipment for business on the services of handymen?
Equipment at the initial stage is not required. Naturally, later, when opening their own office, an entrepreneur needs to purchase office equipment and stationery. Handymen need to be provided with the necessary tools, construction equipment, materials, etc. depending on the profile of their activities.

What OKVED to specify when registering a business for services of handymen?
In this case, apply the type OKVED 74.5 – “Hiring of labor and recruitment.” However, you can also specify paragraph 74.50.1 – “The provision of services for the hiring of labor.”

What documents are needed to open
Before you start to form a package of documents for opening a case, you should choose the organizational and legal form. At the initial stage, an IP is better suited. To do this, you need to open a current account in a bank with which you can carry out financial transactions. If you plan to develop a business, you should enter into permanent labor agreements with permanent employees. The contracts need to register hourly wages and other standard conditions.

What tax system to choose for business registration
If the type of company selected by the individual entrepreneur, then it is most advantageous to choose the general taxation system (DOS). It involves the payment of VAT, tax on movable and immovable property, payroll tax, income tax and personal income tax.

Do I need permission to start a business on the services of handymen
While the office is not open, there is no need to worry about the permits of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Services or the fire inspectorate. But in the future, an entrepreneur can ensure the availability of these permits. A license for business is not required.

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