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How to make money in bankruptcy trading.

The protracted crisis in Russia leads many firms and organizations to collapse, as a result of which their property is put up for auction. But on the other hand, bidding is a good earning opportunity for individuals who view bankruptcy auctions as a business.

Property at auction is beneficial to buy for many reasons. First of all, you can buy real estate, cars, household appliances, furniture for almost nothing. A big plus is that the purchase is usually done fairly quickly. If an application has been submitted and the lot has been won, then it can become its owner within a month. Another benefit of bidding is low competition. If the lot is not very significant, then the application submitted for it may be the only one.

It should be noted that bankruptcy auctions are regulated by law. № 127-ФЗ “On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)”. Therefore, no problems with the law when buying at auction will not arise.

Where to buy property debtors
On the Internet you can find several official resources, informing about the conduct of bidding for bankruptcy. Information in full is in the “Unified Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information” (Fedresource). The only thing is that due to the huge amount of information, it is quite difficult to find the necessary lot in the registry. Necessary information can be obtained in the Saturday edition of the newspaper “Kommersant”, which also applies to official resources. But here a minus is that he only leaves once a week and will have to wait until Saturday.

It is easier to look for lots on trading floors – sites that specialize in online bidding. There are a lot of them. The most interesting of them are: “Interbranch Trading System“ Fabrikant ”,“ Bankruptcy of the Republic of Tajikistan ”,“ All-Russian Electronic Trading Platform ”,“ Electronic Trading Platform ELECTRO-TORGI.RU ”,“ Russian Auction House.

How to make money in bankruptcy trading

A third option is also possible – search for lots on aggregators that collect information from many sites. And if you set out to find a certain lot, you can work with them.

How are bankruptcy trades?
If you decide to purchase a lot at auction for bankruptcy, then you need to be aware of how they pass in order to navigate in time and submit an application. As a rule, there are three stages of trading.

The first stage is the auction. At this stage, the price goes on increasing, and the one who can offer more wins. Lot during the auction is not cheap to acquire, and it makes sense to participate, if you are very interested in buying.

The second stage is repeated bidding. Here, the price of lots is slightly reduced, but still remains quite high, and therefore, when you purchase a lot, you will not win much.

The third stage is a public offering. This is the most interesting stage during which a lot can be purchased for 10-20% of its value. The price is constantly going down. But, if you really want to have a lot, you do not have to wait too long.

How to make money in bankruptcy trading
To participate in the auction you need to decide on the purpose and decide for what you want to purchase a lot: for your own use or for sale. If you love yourself – everything is clear – you buy at a low price exactly what you need: a car, a wardrobe, a chandelier, etc. But if you buy a lot only to resell it later, then it is worth considering as many options as possible. The fact is that even real estate can be bought for 10% of its original value.

But before you take part in the auction and purchase a certain lot, you need to check its legal purity, which minimizes the risks when buying. In particular, real estate will need to be investigated for all types of encumbrances, and cars for theft and participation in an accident. In addition to checking documents, you need to see the lot that you want to purchase, since no photos will give you a complete picture of the object.

How to make money in bankruptcy trading

When you decide on a lot, you will need to prepare documents for participation in the auction. The most important thing is to get a digital signature, which, according to the law, has the same legal force as your personal signature. Find an organization where they make a signature is not difficult. They are in any city: a search engine on the Internet will quickly give results. It should only be clarified with the organization if they can prepare digital signature for electronic trading, as electronic signatures are different and are intended for different purposes.

As a rule, to obtain an EDS, you must provide copies of your passport, SNILS, and TIN, fill in a special form and pay for services (cost is 2000-7000 rubles). EDS will be required in order to be accredited on the electronic platform for participation in the auction.

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