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We increase the company’s revenue. The first step of financial planning

Money is, as was rightly noted, “a subject around which unbelievable passions flare up”! Maybe that’s why we like so much to share them, spend, even dream about how we will spend them!

But, unfortunately, it is not always after these expenses and adventures of the company or even certain people that “remain alive” – in terms of solvency and / or solvency. Is it possible to have enough money or more than enough to spend it and at the same time avoid trouble when dealing with it?

There is one thing that is often missed when handling banknotes, and perhaps this is the reason for most of the disorders associated with them – this is the standard technology of financial planning.

And the first step of this technology is PLANNING income.
Take a word: this is not less exciting than his “cut”. After all, we plan holidays, birthdays, children, in the end, and, as a rule, with reasonable planning, many people have both the leave that they want, the holiday, and the long-awaited child.

Why don’t we, before wasting money, FIRST, plan to receive them – in the quantity, color and timing of the receipt to the bank account YOU need?

How often have you planned how much money you will earn in the very near future? For example, next week or the next day? Not the money that you “earn” by 40, 50 and up to infinity years, but straight to the next, well, let’s say, Thursday?

“How often have you planned how much money you will earn in the very near future? For example, next week or the next day?”

The idea that you yourself can become the cause of the size and appearance of your personal income or the income of your company, today in our society is considered almost seditious.

The bank takes on “responsibility” for supplying us with certain amounts if necessary, but, unfortunately, in the course of this relationship, as with a cure for headache, not only the headache can disappear, but also the liver can “fall off”.

So, how to become a reason to earn as much as you need and when we need it?

Step 0. We must admit the thought that this is in principle possible!
Simply? Not for everyone and not always, unfortunately.

We assume that income of 100,000, 500,000 or 5,000,000 rubles, dollars or euros MAY BE EARNED, and not received as a result of a combination of favorable circumstances!

Write it, get used to this thought, the figure and the time when you earn it. I repeat that the middle of the week – Thursday is the ideal time 🙂

Please take this step qualitatively! Indeed: I earn them !!! Or WE EARN them !!!

Danger number 1 lurked here. If you do not earn money alone, but with someone else, please make sure that Step 0 is done by all these people, also very high quality, and not only by you. Those. all employees, partners and sales managers are really aware of your and their plans for the amount of income, the timing of its receipt and want to earn this money.

financial planning basics

“… all employees, partners and sales managers are really aware of your and their plans for the amount of income, the timing of its receipt and want to earn this money.”

Now a little technology, how to do it – to plan income after we all wanted to get it.

The first step of Financial Planning is to:

“Plan revenue. Financial planning enhances marketing, promotion, sales, and delivery of services that generate revenue. ” (L.Ron Hubbard).

I repeat:
Providing services that generate income.
And we have to look at each of these components very carefully and strengthen them. Often it is difficult for a businessman, a manager or just an employee with the first two points, and also with the word “strengthen”. So let’s see.

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