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How to protect a businessman from parasites and fraudsters

Times like that. Vague, heavy. Everyone wants your money. No offense. People can understand. It is hardly possible to forgive, but it is possible to understand. Forgiveness does not deserve worms who call themselves a business guru, but are not.

Without a sucker, as you know, life is bad. You feed them yourself. I look with horror at the business bacchanalia in the Olympic. After all, such business shows leave nothing neither in the soul, nor in the mind, nor in the heart, but many people really believe that in this format they can get qualified.

People who participate in forums with the attraction of superstars, as a rule, cannot endure anything for themselves from there. In addition to inspiration and a two-week rise of motivation among particularly impressionable. The show is entertaining. But does not solve the problem. It’s like going to a club or driving off on vacation. You switch, have fun, but then you still have to go and work.

Are business shows something bad and unsightly? There would be no catch in them if it were not for the prefix “business” and not the promised growth expectations.

The audience is lazy – nowhere else. Lighted up. People want not to work, but to give them something on a platter that will automatically solve their problems. To rr-time! Syringe into the vein – and all tasks are completed. For an uncle to come and build your business for money, at the same time so that you look from the side and suck on a cigar.

As a result, you do not suck at all a cigar, but something else. Paw, for example.

There are no easy solutions for complex problems. Difficult problems need to be addressed. And it is always long and difficult. The world is just like that.

Here is the first rule for those who want to protect themselves from unsafe business divorces: COMPLEX PROBLEMS ARE NOT SOLVED BY LIGHT METHODS.


Here is an example.

The head hires lawyers to solve his legal problems. We need to redo the contracts, register trademarks, sue someone and win. This work requires competence and does not require the intervention of the head, only control is needed, since this is not its function from the beginning. Accounting, clerical work, quality control, dialing customers, etc. – all these are functions of ordinary staff.

A manager who is accustomed to hiring a specialist to do the work will happily bite a completely wild idea: pay me money and I will do the work that you alone must do. This is not going to work.

Approval of the staff of the enterprise. Hiring stars and experts of the highest class. Copyright Investment and financial policy of the enterprise. The choice of technology work. Determination of the range of suppliers. Writing organizational policies and enterprise codes. Standards of work. Strategic marketing and general planning. The choice of management methods. All this is impossible to give to other people at the mercy.

And if a manager cannot do this because of his incompetence, he sometimes takes too easy a way: instead of improving his qualifications, he hires consultants. Which in most cases worsen the case, but are very expensive.

What is easier to do does not always lead to the expected result. The keys, of course, are more pleasant to look for under the lantern, but more productive – in the place where you lost them.

Look for technologies that will work for a long time, rather than fashionable pieces, which tomorrow will go into oblivion. Studying long-term trends and intuition will result in a more long-term effect. Intuition is needed in order to adopt a growing tendency, to attach to it. And cast aside the dying.

Example: online learning. Very fashionable, but not at all effective. Unless you talk about something very simple, introductory and superficial. You wouldn’t lie under the knife of a surgeon who studied online, would you? And they would hardly have entrusted their fate to a lawyer who has a diploma obtained via Skype.

CHECK TECHNOLOGIES FOR PERFORMANCE by collecting facts about their use (but not gossip). Yes. This is hard. Laziness. But if you make it a rule to do so, the time spent will pay off handsomely. Too many people (including myself) are very smart in retrospect, but in reality they make hasty decisions. So that you don’t say: “If I had known in advance, I wouldn’t stick at anything!”, Overcome your laziness and learn the most about what you are going to do. Get information by direct observation, and not from black propaganda and not from evil haters. For example, my personal negative assessments in this article make sense to double-check and figure out everything myself – then it will be not my opinion, but yours. In the end, only you are responsible for your money, time and mental balance. I just suggest the direction of the look based on personal experience.

DO NOT LEAD TO THE RICHES OF THE COACH. Look for truthful information about how much money his students earned through training. A coach can be rich for various reasons: he can be a thief and a fraudster, use the money of the government or the mafia.

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