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How to get a subsidy for the development of small business and whether to qualify for money from the state

If you are seriously interested in entrepreneurship and want to start your own business, you probably heard that you can get a subsidy for the development of small business.The decision to start your own business is a crucial step. To make it often forced by the circumstances – low-paid work or the lack of it and, as a consequence, lack of funds for the maintenance of the family.

Another reason may be the desire to receive income from the occupation of their favorite business. In such conditions, it is hardly worth threatening a large project, and it can be quite possible to create a small business enterprise.

Getting free money from the state is a tempting prospect, isn’t it? Let’s figure it out.

The main advantages of small business
According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, an enterprise registered as a business entity (SPD) belongs to a certain category in terms of the number of employees and income received. Small businesses – up to 100 people, income up to 800 thousand rubles. per year, microenterprises – up to 15 people, income up to 120 thousand rubles. A small business must meet the requirements for the share of other companies in the share capital.

Small business has its advantages:
small start up costs;
full control over the company;
ease of management;
mobility and flexibility;
convenience of advancement.

There are also disadvantages:
limited capital;
difficulties in competing with large firms;
high crisis risks.
Before a novice businessman is worth a lot of problems. He can be helped by state support programs.

How to get money for business from the state
Support of small business by the state is regulated by Federal Law No. 209-ФЗ of July 24, 2007. It is carried out in the form of federal, regional, and local business development programs, which differ in the size of assistance provided and priority business development directions.

How to get a subsidy for the development of small business and whether to qualify for money from the state

Support for start-up entrepreneurs (businesses less than 2 years old) are engaged in:
Center for Employment (CZN);
The Department for the Development and Support of Entrepreneurship;
local administration.
Among the various types of assistance to small businesses, there is particular interest in financial support, namely grants. Money for business from the state has a different purpose, which depends on the goals and social status of the entrepreneur.

How to get a business opening subsidy for start-up entrepreneurs from the Central Hospital
To enjoy the support of the Employment Center, it is necessary to be registered there and have an official status of unemployed.

To register with TsZN you need:
employment history;
educational documents;
certificate from the accounting office of the last place of work with information about salary for the last 3 months before the dismissal;
for people with disabilities – an individual rehabilitation program with a conclusion on the recommended working conditions.
You can get a subsidy for the opening of your business and a lump-sum payment for the preparation of documents for the registration of PDAs at the Center.

How to apply for a subsidy to start a business
The start-up subsidy corresponds to 12 times the unemployment benefit. From January 1, 2019, the unemployment benefit can reach 8,000 rubles, and the maximum amount of subsidy is 96,000 rubles.

Application for starting a business

Apply for a subsidy can all unemployed people who:
are adult citizens of the Russian Federation over 18 years old;
they are registered in the state Central Health Department, have an official status of unemployed for more than 30 days.
Subsidies are not provided:
a minor;
full-time students;
women on maternity leave;
previously convicted;
citizens dismissed by court order or due to frequent violation of labor discipline;
unemployed people who violate the rules of the center;
novice entrepreneurs who ceased operations less than 6 months ago.
The procedure for obtaining subsidies:
To receive in TsZN the full information on granting a grant. Find out what gave money earlier. What areas of business development are priorities in the region.
Be trained in free courses on the basics of entrepreneurship.
Get tested.
Make a business plan.
Submit documents:
application for a grant;
business plan
The prospect of the project is evaluated by a special commission, which can:
make a positive decision;
send a business plan for revision;
refuse to grant subsidies.
Successful examples of similar businesses and priority activity may influence the positive decision. Priority areas are agriculture, medicine, education, social and innovative projects, tourism, folk crafts. In each specific region, this list may be supplemented.

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