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Leader in slavery in accounting

Some time ago, in an interview with one of the most educated accountants in Moscow, I heard an exact statement of the purpose of the accounting system (not accountants) in the form in which it exists in Russia. The wording was:


I asked many managers if this was so from their point of view. What sometimes caused just laughter – so this formulation was similar to their vision of the situation. The leaders told me that they thought it was just their impression. No one wanted to admit that he did not understand accounting and could not easily figure it out.

The exception was made by managers and owners, who once were honored to get an accounting education, but such, as you understand, were a minority.

Recently, I increasingly conduct seminars on financial planning and financial management for managers and business owners. Apparently, the field of finance is really filled with false data and unnecessary complications.

Balance sheet

“When a manager or a businessman who has not studied accounting, glances at the” chart of accounts “or the balance, he often becomes ill. There is a feeling of his own stupidity, there is no desire or interest in this to understand everything.”

I studied financial management at the Hubbard Management Institute many years ago. Together with me in the classroom sat the financial director of one of the large corporations. I looked at him reverently, I really wondered what this authoritative leader with the highest qualifications would say. He had four university degrees in finance, including the prestigious American university. I noticed that my neighbor was digging in dictionaries and reference books, and, having already gone through the entire finance program, now returns to one section, then to another. Admired by the meticulousness of a specialist, I asked why he had been repeating the material for three days already – it cannot be that a person with such an education did not understand what I myself understood, because I had never studied finance. “In fact of the matter! – I heard in response, – I can not understand … It’s all too simple, any child can understand the accounting for this system! I have been working in finance for ten years and I know that it cannot be so simple, there must be something else! But I just can not find it – what is missing here? All questions are covered!

He found what he was looking for. There was one missing element where those difficulties were stored. Legislation of the Russian Federation. But these difficulties had nothing to do with financial planning or management.

When a manager or businessman who has not studied bookkeeping casts a glance at the “chart of accounts” or the balance sheet, he often becomes ill. There is a feeling of own stupidity, there is no desire or interest in this to understand everything. It seems to him that only a specialist will really understand something here.

However, if you get the right education, this area becomes transparent to you, like the waters of the Red Sea in good weather.

What is economics?
The L. Ron Hubbard course in finance provides a definition of the concept of economics. In particular, it says that economics has never been a science. The original meaning of this concept is “methods of efficient housekeeping”.

And now the economy is nothing more than a rather primitive art of maintaining solvency and creditworthiness, as well as increasing the value of assets.

In it (as in any art) there are clear laws and canons that cannot be broken. But in terms of data volume, this is the smallest section of management that is easy to learn, understand, and use.

The economy has become a complex “science”, full of formulas due to the fact that it was specially complicated by those who wanted to make people dependent on “economic specialists”. This was done in the early twentieth century by a group of financiers, such as Rockefeller. They invented various financial mechanisms of enslavement – progressive income tax, complex credit schemes, etc., as well as complicated economic “academic disciplines”. With one plan – enrichment exclusively “dedicated.” Nowadays, these are financial tycoons like Soros, Condoleezza Rise (who also holds a prominent position among financiers who invest in oil, apart from the post of US Secretary of State), and several other people on the planet.

Bill Gates

“Bill Gates also hardly spent all night solving the equations of” synergetic management in a financial bipolar environment, “when he earned his first billion.”

But if you look at successful companies that are truly rich, solvent, and rapidly developing, you will see that their take-off was not based on financial higher mathematics — as a rule, nothing more complicated than arithmetic is not required.

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