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As a businessman to leave the operating system and not engage in micromanagement

The rules of how a businessman to stop doing stupid OSes, and to make a much more valuable contribution to the development of his business, have been known since 1951. Then the first of the authors who wrote about management, which opened this topic, was L. Ron Hubbard. He formulated a series of laws of nature that underlie the management of the organization. This landmark publication was called “Management Essay”. It is impossible to find an earlier text which would set forth the principles for the separation of the functions of the director of goals and the manager.

Of course, businessmen had hired managers before that to keep an eye on the process. Some did, others did not. No one has ever taught them that this is a natural law that is mandatory for implementation at a certain stage of business development. On what?

Having written that “a dreamer who creates dreams and a driver who whips whips on the backs of lazy people cannot unite in one person,” L. Ron Hubbard himself for the next 15 years nevertheless occupied both designated positions, creating a transcontinental corporation in which he He was also the director of goals, and the International Executive Director. Has he violated his own postulate? By no means.

For 36 years, Mr. Hubbard has written 2500 (!) Instructions on enterprise management. Today they are called Hubbard Management System®. Some of them relate to startups, some – exclusively to giant corporations. The part contains general laws, and the part is only suitable for use in an organization that Hubbard himself ruled.

If a businessman carefully studied and mastered 25 instructions of the Hubbard Management System, and this led to insights and insights (as it happens in almost 100% of cases), then he studied only 1% of the materials. And although it may seem to him that now he knows everything, there remains something that perhaps should be taken into account. Lost 99% of the data.

“Essay on management” – a grand instruction containing the fundamental laws. But this is just one instruction.

The businessman should put people on posts, transferring to them a positive experience and based on what they already know. People should a) have the potential to master this post and b) learn how to work in this particular organization, in this particular post.

Who writes the instructions? The one who is best able to do the work that describes the instructions. This person must have a real experience. Without experience, the transfer of the post will be poor quality. And it took Hubbard 15 years to be able to take into account all the nuances of the post of executive director of his rapidly growing organization, since during such a rapid growth functions were changed and added.

If the manager wants to get rid of the OS, then don’t go to the fortuneteller: he performs a whole range of actions that, ideally, someone else should do. And while the head can not find such a person to whom they can easily pass. Therefore, he, in order not to overwhelm the work, drags her himself. It is required to leave this vicious circle. Here’s how to do it.

The manager should begin to describe the work that he does as an ordinary employee. It is very, very difficult and unusual to sit down and begin a job description. But in the end, the manager will find that he can do it.

Here is what you need to do.

Open a new file on the computer. Or, for those who are horrified by the idea that something will need to be printed, since its hardened paws are sharpened solely by a hoe, you need to take a piece of paper and a pen.
You need to make a list of the functions that you drag in the organization. What are you really doing? What holes do you cover with your wasted body?
Choose one of these functions, which obviously does not belong to the position of a manager, but takes up the greatest amount of time from you. It is best to start with the production function.
Begin in a free form, but in great detail, with nuances and subtleties, to describe what you are really doing while doing this work. “I come at 9:15, lay out the necessary forms on the table (I list which and where), open the computer, check the mail for 10 minutes,” etc. Do not invent anything, describe only those actions that you really do.
Prepare a voice recorder.
Find someone who can teach this function. This is not necessarily the person who will later perform it full day, you can take his supervisor, any employee or trainee. You will sharpen instructions and at the same time form a personnel reserve.
Start learning how to perform this function using only the instructions you wrote. If you have to answer additional questions, or you will see that the instruction is not complete and needs some work, explain to him verbally everything so that he will finally understand it, recording all your instructions on the recorder. And if you have to show someone a surgery, your demonstration should be recorded on video.
Keep these audio and video files in a separate place.
Rewrite data from all audio and video in the instructions.

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